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Sensible Solutions for Environmental Liability Risk Management


Environmental Due Dilligence. Simplified.

Stolz Environmental Solutions, LLC was founded to provide west and southwest Michigan banking, real estate, and legal professionals as well as commercial and industrial business people sound environmental answers to today’s challenging problems. We approach everything  we do as a unique challenge.  No two projects are the same, and Stolz Environmental Solutions has the experience to help you make the right decisions when it comes to managing your risk. Straight-forward and cost-effective solutions, excellent client service,  and a no-nonsense approach have earned us a loyal clientele.  Unlike many other companies, we specialize in environmental due diligence assessments for real estate transactions.  Your assessment will be performed by a professional with several years of experience.  We know how to help you manage your risk and still close the deal.

Services.  What We Do.

SES offers the following services to clients in Michigan and Indiana:

  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ASTM E1527)

  • Phase II Environmental Site Assessments

  • Baseline Environmental Assessments/Due Care Plans/Remedial Action Plans (Michigan)

  • Comfort Letter Request Preparation (Indiana)

  • Environmental Transaction Screens (ASTM E1528)

  • Records Search and Risk Assessment Reports (RSRA)

  • Soil and Groundwater Sampling

  • Site Development/Redevelopment Consulting

  • Underground Storage Tank Removal/Assessment

  • Vapor Intrusion Consulting

  • Clandestine Drug Laboratory Assessment

Thomas N. Stolz, CPG

Tom founded Stolz Environmental Solutions, LLC (SES) in 2002.  Prior to starting SES, Tom spent six years working as an environmental consultant in Michigan and Indiana.  Tom received a Bachelor of Science Degree from Western Michigan University in Hydrogeology.  Tom is a Certified Professional Geologist (CPG), a Michigan Certified Asbestos Building Inspector, and is an active member of the Michigan Association of Environmental Professionals (MAEP). 

Samantha L. Stolz

Samantha has a degree in business writing from Western Michigan University.   Samantha performs technical research and reporting, as well as the preparation of supporting documents, figures, and tables for many of our projects.  She is skilled in data collection and organization, as well as in database design and management.  Samantha also oversees the accounting and business management activities of Stolz Environmental Solutions, LLC.


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Phase I Environmental Site Assessments


The foundation of environmental due diligence is a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment.  An experienced Environmental Professional, as defined by EPA All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI) standards, will handle your Phase I ESA from beginning to end.  We conduct Phase I ESAs in accordance with the current ASTM standard for Phase I ESAs, ASTM E1527-13, which includes a Property walkover, historic use research, interviews, Freedom of Information Act requests, and database searches to document that environmental due diligence was properly performed on your behalf. 

Baseline Environmental Assessments (BEAs)


In the event a Phase II ESA indicates your site is contaminated, Stolz Environmental Solutions, LLC knows how to help you still acquire the Property while insulating yourself from the cleanup liability associated with the existing contamination.  SES has performed hundreds of BEAs in Michigan.  Our experience will help you acquire the site without acquiring the environmental cleanup liability that would otherwise come with it.

Phase II Environmental Site Assessments


Some sites require a little more concern than others.  A Phase II ESA is the next step in documenting your environmental due diligence activities where the current or past uses of a site indicate there may be conditions that could represent an unacceptable cleanup liability risk.  An experienced Certified Professional Geologist will will plan the most reasonable sampling strategy to obtain the results necessary to assess the risks identified during Phase I ESA activities.  Phase II ESAs are a delicate balance of diligence, data, budgets, and reasonable accessibility.  SES has the experience to navigate the complexities of successfully assessing risk while assisting in helping all of the parties in a real estate transaction feel comfortable with the process, and understand the implications of potential outcomes.  

Due Care Compliance Assessments


Owning a site that is contaminated doesn't have to mean owning a site that is unsafe.  State and Federal regulations generally require owners of contaminated sites to meet their “Due Care Obligations.”   Due care obligations can include cooperating with future cleanup actions, preventing exacerbation of existing contamination, and mitigating unacceptable hazards in order to protect public health and safety.  SES has the experience to help you meet due care obligations and continue to use a contaminated site in a safe manner.

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